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Work on the overhaul of 5025 began at the beginning of 2012. This was thanks to grants or promises of support from the Strathspey Railway Company, the Strathspey Railway Trust, the Heritage Lottery Fund the Strathspey Railway Association and the significant amount which had already been raised from our supporters though appeals.

Major progress has been made on the locomotive and tender frames, axleboxes, motion, dragboxes and valve gear at Aviemore and on the major rebuild of the boiler, reprofiling of the tyres of the locomotive and tender wheels and construction of a new tender tank at Riley Engineering of Bury. Work has also included the casting and machining of a pair of new cylinders

The WEC Watkinson Trust originally hoped to return 5025 to service in 2015, however owing to the amount of work needed, a more realistic aim is for completion is towards the middle of 2018.

To achieve this, further donations to the WEC Watkinson Trust will be welcomed by our treasurer: WAD Macphail CA, ‘Ardneil’, 80 Bruceland Road, Elgin, Moray, IV30 1SP.


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Tuesday, 29 November 2016

November 2016

Steady progress continues with various small parts being manufactured.  A larger step was the fitting of the right hand cylinder block for the drilling of the holes.  The process has been to first fit the smoke box saddle as this is the only piece left that still has the holes in it.  This was used as a pattern to drill the frames before being removed again.  Then when the cylinder was put into place, the holes in the frames were used as a template to drill the cylinders.

Another view of the right hand cylinder, temporarily bolted in place to allow the holes to be drilled.

The cab has been removed again to allow the running plate to be finished off.

Tommy seen here drilling holes in the new running plate using a magnetic drill.

 The curve in the running plate angle iron.  It has been quite difficult to produce this curve in the angle iron, the plate that sits on top of it and the cab that fits on top of the lot.

The smoke box base with the blast pipe mounting plate face which has been machined.

The new blast pipe and blower ring.  The plate between the two will be the base of a new spark arrester arrangement.

Here we have newly manufactured large and small bearing brasses for the piston con rod.

These are the newly manufactured oil rings for the con rod brasses.

Piston rods and valve rods refurbished.

New spring hanger pins have been produced and fitted under the driving wheel axle boxes.

The new pin in the axle box on the opposite side

The cross heads have been white metalled.  The one below has had the white metal applied and awaits machining.

The cross head below has had the white metal machined, it has been cleaned and painted, ready to go back on when required.

Other refurbished parts awaiting the time when it all goes back together.

The reverser, refurbished, repainted and waiting.

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